Tube Information


MIL-STD-1311C - Everything you need to know about the proper procedure for testing tubes for the US Military...and if you ask me, anyone else for that matter! Check out the index first to find the tests that relate to receiving and transmitting tubes because there's a lot in there about CRTs and microwave oscillators!

Grid Current - A rough idea of proper grid current ranges from the RDH4.

RMA Standard M8-210 - Standards for the rating of electron tubes with a preface from RCA tube division.

Getting The Most Out of Vacuum Tubes - A Sam's publication. A not-too-technical treatise on the care and feeding of vacuum tubes.

Measuring Microphony - An article about measuring microphonics from 1951. Courtesy of Pearl Hi-Fi.

Regarding factory new tubes: "Variations in parameters of small signal tubes: +/-25% for gm and rp, +/-10% for mu and capacitance" – Amplifying Devices and Low Pass Amplifier Design: Cherry and Hooper 1968

If anyone out there happens to have any other useful information regarding testing tubes, tube characteristics, or other general information about tubes that would be of use, please contact me.


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