As it pertains to this project, I am looking for any tube sockets not seen on the panel. This includes transmitting as well as receiving types from all around the world.
          If anyone has made a socket and/or has measurements for coaxial or other odd types (like the 7077 for example), please let me know. Fabrication is not an issue - I will have them CNC milled for me if they are unobtainable sockets. For some tubes, if you have one thats dead you could loan me so I could take measurements on it to make a socket, it would be much appreciated and I would pay all shipping costs.
          In addition to sockets, I WANT DATA! Yes, theres much data from the internet, and I have pilfered it so. But theres still many tubes for which I cannot find any original data sheets or specs on. 6337 anyone? Data for weird, rare, and foreign to the US is especially appreciated.
          Aside from this project, I am always on the lookout for weird tubes to make stuff with and test.

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